The Journey Of Learning Html...

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The Journey Of Learning Html...


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It's amazing to see that even after reading tons of articles and making tons of research about technical writing, you still need to make even more research on these Technical concepts/languages. Research never stops!!

I started my research on the programming language "HTML". This programming language or some people will say it isn't a programming language, is very popular but the manner of approach differs on how you really want people to understand what it really means, its uses, functions, etc.


HTML is the acronym for (hypertext markup language) which helps to determine the structure of your web page. i.e. it is used for creating web pages and ensures easy accessibility of elements on the browser. Html has grown so vast that the most popular one that is being used is HTML5. HTML is one of the most popular languages used by developers around the world today.

I started my HTML journey by using ;

  •; This is a very reliable app/website to start your HTML journey. They have well-detailed layout courses for easy learning and what makes it better is that certification is offered once you are done learning the course and this gives you an edge. Freecodecamp also makes it easier to access well-detailed videos for better understanding and also task to practice with after learning each topic on HTML and these tasks are positioned in a way that you must pass the task before you will be allowed to move to the next HTML course. With their basic HTML and HTML5 course with entails a breakdown of the language, I learned a lot about HTML which made it easy for me to be able to write about it.

  •; This is one of the popular videos on YouTube that teaches a whole crash course on HTML and also CSS. It is quite easy to search on YouTube for "programming with Mosh" and you will get other programming courses that have been uploaded on his page but our main focus, for now, is HTML. The videos give a step-to-step breakdown analysis of HTML and also its various tags making it easy for me to understand it better.

Honestly, learning programming languages entails lots of theories but programming languages are best understood when they are more practical/put into practice and to ensure that, there are various "code editors" that are used to write these languages.


These are software that is specifically designed for programmers to help them write, manage and edit their codes. Some code editors are;

  • Visual studio code

  • Sublime text

  • Notepad++ etc.

One uniqueness of HTML is that it is "easy to learn and use and it is supported by all browsers". HTML consists of a series of different tags and elements which help in creating web pages. Learning just has to be consistent. Reading about HTML and practicalizing it on code editors, has made it easy for me to be able to write about it and understand it.

In my next write-up, I will share more, and also for further understanding I will provide pictorial descriptions about the HTML tags and elements and how they look on code editors.

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