The Absolute Beginner's Guide To Transitioning Into Tech and Navigating Its Challenges.

The Absolute Beginner's Guide To Transitioning Into Tech and Navigating Its Challenges.


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Making money in tech isn't as easy as many people think it is. At least 5 of these challenges listed below affect lots of people but what are the solutions to these challenges? how can we solve or manage them?


Choosing to transition into tech isn't the issue but the issue starts from the “why” and “how" question.

Having the idea isn't enough, having the passion will give you an edge not to give up but it is still not enough. So what then has made transitioning into tech this hard? Well come along with me and see why!

Transitioning Into Tech

This is the process of changing or diverting into any tech career path of your choice. The moment you make the decision to pursue a career path in tech, you are "transitioning".

The Bumps or Challenges Of Transitioning To Tech

1) Inadequate funds for courses, data, books, laptops, etc.


A lot of people due to peer pressure or just randomly build up an idea in their mind that they want to transition into tech which isn't an issue but they don't have the necessary facilities to transition.

At some point in my life, I concluded that tech is only for the rich because of the amount of money I have spent on data, purchasing books both online and offline, paying for online courses and there are still more courses, getting a laptop, etc.

Trust me this was more than a reason for me to give up but I didn't.


  • There is nothing that doesn't include making sacrifices to achieve and this is when passion pushes you beyond your expectations.

  • Make your research on the most important and necessary courses you need:

There are lots of courses on various platforms and you can't take all and even when you can't that shouldn't make you feel inferior because, in all honesty, you don't need all.

  • Make out a plan or budget and write out the important courses you need and take them one by one this will build a habit of consistency.

  • Start with your book and pen before you can save up to get a laptop.

  • Most of these networks have cheaper data plans during a specific time of the day so base your learning schedule around this time.

  • There is no shame in asking or reaching out for help.

Note: Pay for courses at your own pace, you shouldn't be pressurized to exceed more than your budget and end up not completing one course.

You shouldn't be worried about the time used to complete one course instead focus on completing each course you have the money to pay for at your own pace.

  • Take note or research for tech scholarship and funding programs. There are various tech scholarship programs today and you should try to take advantage of them because they will help with funding and some even give out laptops.

Other Scholarship Programs:

2) Consistency


For every techie to achieve their goal you have to build the habit of consistency. This will help you make out a plan on how you want to learn each day either for two or more hours and it will help you stay organized.

In Tech you can't be good at any skill without being consistent.


  • Write a timetable that works with your schedule.

  • Set a reminder when it is almost time for each learning session.

  • Use whatever amount of learning hours you set for yourself wisely.

  • After each learning session every day, write out what you learned. This will help you measure your progress.

  • Read Atomic Habits.

3) Frustration, Depression

photo-1621252179027-94459d278660 (1).avif

Every developer gets frustrated when they get a bug in their code because they feel stuck and this also applies in every tech career. There is always that one issue that frustrates you or gets you depressed to the extent you feel like giving up.

How does it feel when you write code and it isn't working?

How does it feel when you have writer's block and can't create content?

In tech, frustrations will always be there but the question is how do you manage these emotions when they come?


  • It's hard but Never think of quitting.

  • Take a break and come back later to solve the issue.

  • Reflect on why you started in the first place.

  • Go on a walk.

  • It is okay to cry if that will make you feel better.

  • Hang out with your friends.

  • Communicate.

4) Poor hygiene


I am definitely against the idea of depriving yourself of eating and keeping yourself and the environment clean because you are trying to learn a skill.

Your hygiene is as important as learning a skill.

It can be really hard to stand up to get something to eat when already sitting and you don't want to lose concentration.


  • Make food and snacks timetable that works with your schedule.

  • Get some snacks.

  • Ensure you eat and keep some snacks close to you before sitting to avoid distraction.

  • Ensure your environment is clean.

5) Imbalance


Most techies I have seen have a hard time balancing their social life with their work life which is very bad because you will end up feeling alone most of the time. Being alone isn't bad but "too much of everything is bad".


  • Try to step out once in a while.

  • Plan or attend friend gatherings once in a while.

  • Attend tech conferences.

  • Make out time for your social life!!

  • Share ideas in communities.

  • Your social life is as important as your work life to create a balance.

Other Challenges are:

Notable Tech Life Hacks On How To Survive In Tech

  • Learn to be happy for others until it is your turn.

  • Understand and listen to your body when it needs some rest.

  • Resting is a productive activity also.

  • Plan and Prioritize.

  • Effective use of social media to network.

  • Learn to stay off social media for a while.

  • Know your worth.

  • Set achievable goals.

  • Set out a few minutes to hype yourself on your little growth.

  • Ask questions.

  • Join a community.

  • There is always going to be someone better than you.

  • What works for Mr. A might not work for you.

  • It is okay to try out different paths until you find the one that suits you.

  • Your pace is different from others and vice versa.

  • Learn to take notes.

  • Read books related and unrelated to your career path.

  • If money is your passion be certain that you won't get there easily.

  • Know the reason you decided to transition in the first place.

  • You can't know everything because in Tech you learn every day.

  • Slow progress is still progress.

  • It is okay to sleep at night once in a while without feeling guilty.

  • It is okay to rest during weekends.


Every one of these solutions listed above is easier said than done but it is better to be aware because the goal is to take it one step at a time, build the right habits and attain success. These are what I have learned and still learning when I chose to transition to tech and I hope this guide will be helpful.

Challenges exist and you should try to see them as a stepping stone to success because, in all honesty, nothing great comes easy.

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